About Myself

I am a Design Engineer with a company located in the Inland Empire where we design aftermarket products for the RV industry. In my free time, I do volunteer work with the local sheriff’s department as a Citizens on Patrol. I work with a lot of great people at the sheriff’s department while donating about 12 or more hours a month. If I am not at work or working with the sheriff’s, you will find me behind a computer or in the evenings, my LX200 8” Classic telescope.

Like most everyone, I love to fly. I am not a professional pilot, but a professional passenger! My brother flew for Anaheim PD where I was able to go up with him as much as I could. This is where the name InlandHelicopters started from some 13 years ago. I bought some business card stock and as a joke, I came up with a company name. I showed it to the other pilots and they thought I needed a good company slogan. So I came up with this: “If our jokes don’t kill you, our flying will!” I can’t understand why my helicopter charter company did not take off...

What you will find on this site

M42I would like to set up a page for helicopter photos. So if you have any pictures you would like me to add to this site, send them to me. As I get time I will be adding pictures that I have taken in the past. Under the Astronomy page, I will upcoming night sky events, adding CCD pictures with my DSI CCD imager. In my equipment list page will have, you guessed it, my equipment I use. In my projects page, I will list things that I have made and would like to make. I am always thinking up something new.

My friend’s page will have links to friend’s web sites and links to different web sites I use to learn more about helicopters, computers and astronomy. If you have any thoughts about my site, drop me an e-mail. Thank you for looking around.

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